Title: Lost Legion – Mission 204 and the Reluctant Dragon

Author: Noonan, William

Condition: Very Good

Edition: 1st Edition

Publication Date: 1987

ISBN: 9780043012833

Cover: Hard Cover with Dust Jacket – 235 pages

Comments: A detailed account about Australian Commandos in China.  Mission 204 was a top secret cadre of demolition and guerilla experts despatched from Burma to central China to assist Chinese guerillas harass the Japanese.

This, the story of Australia’s first Commandos, is an epic of the war. Here is hardship and adventure, pathos and humour, suffering and excitement.

It tells of the men who went to Malaya with the 22nd Brigade, then sailed to Burma to train under Britain’s finest Commando leaders. Escaping from the Japanese, they journeyed the length of the tortuous Burma Road, crossing China almost to the coast. Here they trained the Suprising Battalions, some of China’s crack guerillas, and operated with them in war torn provinces.

The became famous as the “Lost Legion of the AIF” – the boys of Mission 204.

After almost a year of guerilla existence, the survivors were withdrawn to Kunming and flew to India. They were allocated to Brigadier Orde Wingate’s force but were recalled whilst on leave and returned to Australia after two years in the tropics.

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