Title: Holidaying on the Continent: The Journey of an RAAF Volunteer: 1940 – 45  460 RAAF Squadron

Author: Munro, Richard

Condition: Mint

Edition: 1st Edition

Publication Date: 2009

ISBN: 9780980567427

Cover: Hard Cover without Dust Jacket (Laminated Boards) – 251 pages

Comments: When Jim Munro wanted to join the RAAF he had a medical problem with his kidneys so he arranged another person to provide the test sample and Jim was soon training for his Pilot’s wings. Like many others, he was “scrubbed” as a pilot and became a bomb aimer and was soon on his way to the United Kingdom.

After further training, he was sent to 460 Squadron RAAF flying Lancasters and then the night raids over German occupied Europe began.

Over the following months Jim and other members of the crew became a tight-knit team, raiding targets such as the notorious Ruhr Valley, Turin in Italy, Cologne, Hamburg, the previously secret Peenemunde rocket works and finally Berlin.

The raid to Berlin was one too many and they were singled out by the famous German night fighter ace, Wilhelm Herget. Using his innovative upward-firing cannons Herget attacked their Lancaster and, on his fourth pass, it was all over.

The Lancaster was in distress, and as it headed down, the crew frantically tried to exit the burning aircraft. Only three of the crew survived when the aircraft suddenly exploded throwing them clear and they parachuted to the ground. The rest of their mates were dead and the three survivors were too badly injured to attempt an escape from the Germans.

After weeks in hospital they were sent to prison camps and Jim Munro became a resident of Stalag IVB.

This excellent book tells the story of Jim Munro, his crew mates, the Lancaster they flew in and the way of life, fears and hopes that the young flyers experienced.

Hard Cover with General and People indexes

251 pages
135 Photographs and Sketches
13 Maps
4 Appendices