Title: History of the 2/6th Australian Armoured Regiment

Author: Unknown


Edition: 1st Edition

Publisher: Unknown

Publication Date: 1945


Cover: Soft Cover without Dust Jacket

Comments: History of the 2/6 Australian Armoured Regiment – an exceptionally rare publication.

The 2/6th Australian Armoured Regiment pioneers the use of Australian Army tanks in jungle warfare. Using US-made Stuart Light tanks, designed for open-country warfare, they achieved a breakthrough in the Japanese defences at Buna and Sanananda in December 1942 – January 1943. Their devastating firepower saved many Australian infantry casualties.

The regiment was formed in August 1941, trained in northern New South Wales and in September 1942, after participating in the largest armoured manoeuvres ever held in Australia, the first squadrons were sent to Papua.

Soldiers and tanks drawn from the whole regiment, were first committed to battle at Cape Endaiadere on 18 December 1942. The actions around the Japanese Paupan beachheads lasted until early 1943.

Returning to Australia in May 1943, the regiment was re-formed in Queensland and then saw service in Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and again in Queensland, preparing for the invasion of Singapore. However the war ended before they saw further overseas service.