Title: Vietnam Conscript

Author: Ryan, Merv

Condition: Near Mint

Edition: 1st Edition

Publication Date: 1992

ISBN: 0949795674

Cover: Soft Cover without Dust Jacket – 261 pages

Comments: Merv Ryan was called-up and sent to the Vietnam war as an infantry rifleman and has drawn on his experience and knowledge from his personal diary to present a fictional story of one woman and two young men – one militant and aggressive, the other a pacifist, who are conscripted and sent to fight in the jungle.

A finely written account of Australian army life on active service and the devastating effect this war had on many who took part in it. The last section of the book, dealing with post-war rehabilitation, will have special meaning for the families of such men. The book was on the suggested reading list at Canberra’s Defence Force Academy and used by counselling professionals and popular with secondary students for national service (conscription) projects.