Title: The Vietnam Zippo 1933-1975

Author: Fiorella, Jim

Condition: Very Good

Edition: 1st Edition

Publication Date: 1998

ISBN: 0764305948

Cover: Hard Cover with Dust Jacket – 199 pages

Comments: A brilliant reference book with more than 900 striking photographs and a detailed text about the Vietnam war, its Zippo cigarette lighters, and their current values comprise this important new book. among the books concerned with the Vietnam war and its collectibles, this is unique in quality and content.

It provides not only hundreds of photos of authentic and counterfeit Zippos and the factory’s own artwork, but also a concise outline of the war, lists of U.S. and Vietnamese ship and boat names, Allied in-country units, and a comprehensive dictionary translating important Vietnamese military terms so that old Zippo lighters can be interpreted today. Related advertising pieces, postage stamps, newspaper clippings, Vietnamese patches, and more will fascinate all readers.