Title: The Pony Soldiers – The Australian Light Horse Vietnam 1965 – 1966

Author: Modystack, Neville

Condition: Mint

Edition: 1st Edition

Publication Date: 2003

ISBN: 1876439572

Cover: Hard Cover without Dust Jacket – 128 pages

Comments: A well  written and detailed account about the No. 1 APC Squadron in Vietnam 1965 – 1966.

This book describes the combat experiences of 1 Troop of A Squadron of the 4th/19th Prince of Wales Light Horse in Vietnam. At the time it was equipped with British armoured vehicles. Having been warned for Vietnam, the Troop had to quickly adapt to the new American M113A1 personnel carrier and some men were still learning to drive them while at sea.

Travelling to Vietnam on HMAS Sydney, the Troop was finally landed at Vung Tau and then sent to Bien Hoa, with the rest of the Australian force. They were attached to 1 RAR but had no opportunity to train with the infantry first. The Troop, while highly trained in some aspects of war, was appallingly prepared for action in Vietnam. In addition, there were many deficiencies of clothing, food and other equipment and some improvisation was needed.

The 1 RAR group, including the Carriers, was in turn attached to the US 173rd Airborne Brigade – a ‘gung ho’ paratroop unit. After a short period of acclimatisation and organisation, the Troop was committed to action, being engaged in a myriad of APC work, including troop carrying assaults, POW transport, road convoy escort, road blocks, transport of rice caches, radio relays, route reconnaissance, fire support with mortars and many other duties.

The Troop had many enemy contacts, and was engaged in one major battle in Operation Rolling Stone as well as other operations with 1 RAR and the Americans.

At the completion of their tour, the Troop was returned to Australia in a piecemeal and off-hand manner, which book-ended the poor fashion in which they had been sent off. A Military Cross and a US Meritorious Service medal were awarded to Troop members. The 1 RAR Group {including the Troop) was awarded the US Meritorious Unit Commendation.

The compiler of this book served with the Troop throughout its tour of duty and has put together a full and sometimes amusing history of their service in Vietnam. He has also gathered a comprehensive collection of photographs so that the reader can better understand what took place. This is a fine addition to the history of the Australian Army and its armoured units.

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