Title: The Pickelhaube – 2 Volume set – Volume 1: Line Infantry – Volume 2: Wartime, Ersatz, Reserve and Artillery 

Author: Bowman, J A

Condition: Near Mint

Edition: 1st Edition

Publication Date: 1989 (Volume 1), 1992 (Volume 2)

ISBN: Volume 1: 1871498007  Volume 2 : 1871498066

Cover: Hard Cover with Dust Jacket – 354 pages (Volume 1), Hard Cover with Dust Jacket – 334 pages (Volume 2)

Comments: This is the ultimate reference guide for anyone who is interested in the famous German helmet of World War 1 – The Pickelhaube.

Volume 1 – The helmets of the Line Infantry of the German Army.

Includes the Prussian, Bavarian, Wurtemburg, Hanoverian, the Grand Duchies, Principality and Free Cities. Also includes helmet plates, the Pickelhaube assembly, covers, accouterments and patents plus a list of Infantry Regiments.

Volume 2 – Wartime, Ersatz, Reserve and Artillery helmets.