Title: The Men Who Breached the Dams

Author: Cooper, Alan

Condition: Very Good +

Edition: 1st Edition

Publication Date: 1982

ISBN: 0718303083

Cover: Hard Cover with Dust Jacket  – 223 pages

Comments: The history of 617 RAF Squadron (Dambusters) has been told many times but we should take pride in the many Australians who were on the dramatic raids. This book tells their proud and courageous story.

Painstaking research went into every aspect of an operation, which at the time and ever since has captured the imagination of the world. This forms an evocative history of one of the most successful operations of the Second World War carried out by the famous 617 Squadron and led by Guy Gibson. This account includes the whole lead up to the final mission; the development of the bouncing bomb, the forming of 617 Squadron and the intense course of training carried out to make the operation a success. The raid itself is viewed from both British and German camps; many of the aircrew who took part in 617 operations give their accounts, as do several Germans, including Albert Speer, the Armaments minister. There is a remarkable eyewitness account of the raid from a man who was a gunner on the Mohne dam itself, telling of the damage after the raid and how he and his companions shot down one of the attacking aircraft. The investigation is completed by an in-depth study into the effects of the operation, how far it proved successful and the true extent of the devastation it caused.

Overall, the book recreates the excitement and aura of danger and uncertainty, which surrounded the Dam busters’ mission, giving the reader the full story of one of the greatest episodes of the war.