Title: The Battle for Wau

Author: Bradley, Phillip

Condition: Mint

Edition: 1st Edition

Publication Date: 2008

ISBN: 9780521896818

Cover: Hard Cover with Dust Jacket – 304 pages

Comments: The detailed history of the Australian involvement in the Battle of Wau in Papua New Guinea during World War 2

The Battle for Wau brings together for the first time the full story of the early World War II conflicts in New Guinea, from the landing of the Japanese at Salamaua in March 1942 to their defeat at Wau in February 1943. Phillip Bradley draws on the recollections of over 70 veterans from the campaign and on his own first-hand knowledge of the region. Beginning with the early commando operations in Salamaua, the story unfolds with the burning of Wau, the clashes around Mubo, the Japanese convoy to Lae and the United States air operation to Wau. The book climaxes with the fortitude of Captain Sherlock’s outnumbered company. Desperately fighting an enemy regiment debouching from the rugged unguarded ranges to the east, Sherlock’s men fought to hold Wau airfield open for the arrival of vital reinforcements.


Maps; Foreword Peter Ryan; Acknowledgements; Abbreviations; Prologue; 1. Salamaua Falls; 2. Commandos; 3. Scorched Earth; 4. Undermined; 5. Convoy; 6. Assault on Mubo; 7. 17th Brigade; 8. ‘They came like the rain’; 9. ‘Lifeblood of green’; 10. Force of arms; 11. Lost airmen; 12. Retreat from Wau; Conclusion; Notes; Bibliography; Index.