Title: ‘SIMMO’ – A Biography of Ray Simpson, VC, DCM – One of Australia’s Greatest Soldiers

Author: Malone, Michael OAM and Lutley, Peter

Condition: Mint

Edition: 1st Edition

Publication Date: 2015

ISBN: 9780646943206

Cover: Hard Cover with Dust Jacket – 266 pages

Comments: The long awaited biography of Ray Simpson VC, DCM. 

After every conflict, there comes a time when historians gather to describe the heroic exploits stemming from that action. In the case of Victoria Cross winners, such histories are ordinarily detailed and numerous, but there are some exceptions.

In the forty years since the end of the Vietnam War, not one book of note has commemorated the heroism of one of Australia’s greatest soldiers: Ray Simpson, VC, DCM.

Not until now.

Historians and fellow soldiers Michael J Malone, OAM and Peter Lutley have spent over five years of research, writing, and interviewing those closest to the great man to complete Simmo, the definitive, authorised biography of this fascinating hero.

Ray Simpson is one of those special heroes, a ‘double gallantry’. Many men have won the Victoria Cross but few have won a second gallantry award. He is the most decorated Australian soldier of the Vietnam War.

Malone and Lutley have interviewed those who knew Simmo, to share their stories and to piece together the minutiae of his varied and surprising life. Told in the words of those who lived and served with him, this is a substantial, gritty, and candid collection of anecdotes that illustrates the many facets of this larger than life man. To compliment the many interviews they have trawled the system and produced hundreds of files and documents which add the flesh to the bones of the man.

An intensely brave soldier and never-say-die character in the mould of WW1 heroes Albert Jacka, VC, MC and Bar and Joe Maxwell, VC, MC and Bar, DCM, Ray Simpson served in World War 2, Korea, and Malaya, as well as five decorated years in Vietnam. He was a WO2 and loved being one.

Simmo is arguably the most substantial and comprehensive biography ever written of one man who was not a General.

Simpson’s devotion to the job and his men is marvellous, and for a man with little formal education, he had a remarkable knowledge of the geopolitical situation and the military industrial complex. Those who knew him, served with him, or have simply heard of his legend will treasure this book.

Signed by both Authors