Title: On Radji Beach – The Story of Australian Nurses after the Fall of Singapore

Author: Shaw, Ian

Condition: Mint

Edition: 1st Edition

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Publication Date: 2010

ISBN: 9781405040242

Cover: Soft Cover without Dust Jacket – 360 pages

Comments: When Singapore fell dramatically to the Japanese on 15 February 1942, hundreds of people scrambled to the docks to flee. Amongst the evacuees were 65 Australian nurses who boarded a coastal freighter named the Vyner Brooke. They only made it as far as the waters off Muntok Island near Sumatra. There, Japanese bombers sank the small ship. Those who survived the sinking drifted for up to three days before making landfall on one of the many beaches on Muntok. A group of about 60 shipwreck survivors, including 22 nurses, gathered at Radji Beach. They voted to surrender to the Japanese rather than slowly starve to death, but the Japanese patrol that found them did not accept their surrender. Instead, it divided the Europeans into three groups and killed them all in turn. The Australian nurses were in the third group, and 21 of them died in a hail of bullets as they walked, abreast, into the sea. Miraculously, there was one survivor, Vivian Bullwinkel, who brought the truth about this appalling atrocity to light, and who went on to experience the internment camps, starvation and disease that took away many of her friends.

On Radji Beach tells the story of the 65 nurses from the Vyner Brooke: their service in Singapore and on the Malay peninsula, their desperate voyage to escape capture by the Japanese, and their courage, compassion, ingenuity and fortitude in the unthinkable events that followed.

Author Information

Ian Shaw works as a security consultant, regularly addressing seminars and conferences on the subject of terrorism, its history and its future. He has degrees from the University of Melbourne, Monash University and the University of Michigan, and has commenced a PhD at the University of New South Wales. His first book, The Bloodbath: The 1945 VFL Grand Final, was published by Scribe in 2006. Ian is passionate about social history, and stories that resonate well beyond the time and place in which they occurred, and which speak of broader characteristics we associate with being “Australian”.