Title: North Irish Horse Battle Report North Africa-Italy 1943-1944


Condition: Very Good

Edition: 1st Edition

Publisher: W & G Baird Ltd, Belfast, Ireland

Publication Date: 1946


Cover: Hard Cover without Dust Jacket – 108 pages

Comments: The North Irish Horse (NIH) was formed in 1900 for the Boer War and in 1908 it was allocated to the Special Reserve as there were no Territorial units for Irish regiments. It served on the Western front in the Great War, was disbanded in July 1922 and reformed in September 1939 in the Supplementary Reserve.

In January 1943 the regiment sailed for N Africa to join the First Army which had landed in Algiers in the previous November, and in February the regiment reported to 25th Tank Brigade. At the end of that month it fought its first major action playing its part in repulsing a German attack on Beja and Djebel Abiod. The regiment came through the N Africa campaign with flying colours, having done exceptionally well in the capture of Longstop and supporting 4th Indian Division in the final break through to Tunis.

The NIH remained in North Africa for a further year until April 1944 when it embarked for Italy where it saw plenty of action, breaking through the Hitler Line in support of the Canadians, taking part in the advance to Florence and in the Gothic Line battles. At this point (August-September 1944) the narrative includes a complete nominal roll of the regiment, by squadrons, and again at the capture of Forli in November 1944.

The roll is given again when the regiment was on the Winter Line, December December 1944, and was transferred to 21st Tank Brigade. The nominal roll of those present for duty is given for the fourth time at the final phase in April 1945 when the war in Italy ended. The Roll of Honour lists twenty of all ranks killed in N Africa and fifty-three in Italy.

Scarce as a 1st edition. Missing fold out map at rear.

There is a list of Honours and Awards, including mention in despatches, but there is no index.