Title: Nicky Barr – An Australian Air Ace

Author: Dornan, Peter

Condition:  Near Mint

Edition: 3rd Edition

Publication Date: 2005

ISBN: 9781741145298

Cover: Soft Cover without Dust Jacket  – 282 pages

Comments: A compelling personal account of an Australian fighter pilot in World War 2.

Nicky Barr never deliberately sought danger or adventure, but when confronted with it he had the courage to face it and survive.
In 1939, at the age of 23, Nicky Barr was chosen to represent Australia in the international rugby world tour. The day after the squad arrived in England, war was declared and the tour was cancelled.

Nicky immediately signed-up to become a fighter pilot in the RAAF and while fighting Rommel’s famed Afrika Korp in North Africa, quickly rose through the ranks to become a squadron leader.
In the space of twelve months, Nicky shot down over twelve enemy planes, and was himself shot down three times. The third time, he was seriously wounded, including a leg injury that was to put an end to his rugby playing days, then captured and sent to Italy as a hospitalised prisoner of war. Nicky escaped four times-including once from a moving train. On the fourth escape he successfully evaded recapture and, together with a group of special operation commandoes, took part in a series of clandestine operations behind enemy lines and helped fellow prisoners of war escape.

Nicky Barr earned a reputation amongst allies and enemies alike for his acts of bravery, his selflessness, his dogged determination and his infectious sense of humour. His is a story of adventure, war, courage and mortality, and the love for his wife that sustained him through it all.

About Peter Dornan
Peter Dornan is a Brisbane physiotherapist and is author of The Silent Men.

Wings of Destiny takes us beyond Kokoda, and into the skies over New Guinea, and fills a significant gap in Australian World War II history.

Wings of Destiny is a life and times style biography of Wing Commander Charles Learmonth, DFC and Bar.  As well as being a famous pilot, Charles Wings of Destiny was an incurable romantic, and from his tent in New Guinea, he wrote to his wife Marjorie almost every day. These letters combined with his diaries and log book, form the basis of much of this book.

Charles Learmonth was involved in the air search for HMAS Sydney, the air war in New Guinea, the Battle of Bismark Sea, and the tragedy of the Beaufort bomber accidents.  Charles Page takes the reader with Charles Learmonth in his twin-engined Boston attack bomber, She’s Apples.  The brave deeds of No. 22 Squadron and its’Boston Boys’ are described.

After his return from New Guinea, Charles Learmonth was appointed Commanding Officer of No. 14 Squadron, based at RAAF Pearce, Western Australia.  He was killed on 6 January 1944 when his Beaufort bomber crashed into the Indian Ocean near Perth.  While diving to his death, he radioed vital information that helped solve the mystery of the Beaufort accidents.  In recognition of this and his outstanding war record, an airfield in Western Australia was named in his honour.  Today, Learmonth Airport is the alternate airport for Perth, and is the gateway to Exmouth, world famous Ningaloo Reef, and Coral Bay.

‘This is a story that needed to be told’, writes Page.  ‘The deeds of Charles Learmonth and the “Boston Boys’ deserve more than a shoebox full of aerogrammes held together with rubber bands’.

Charles Page is a retired international airline pilot with 15,000 fling hours to his credit, and the author of an earlier volume of aviation history, Vengeance of the Outback.