Title: My Corps Cavalry – The History of the 13th Light Horse Regiment

Author: Hunter, Doug

Condition: Near Mint

Edition: 1st Edition

Publication Date: 1999

ISBN: 0958529620

Cover: Hard Cover with Dust Jacket – 181 pages

Comments: The comprehensive and well written history of the 13th Light Horse Regiment AIF – the “Devil’s Own”. 

The traditional image of the Australian Light Horseman is of a bushman galloping across the sandy deserts of Palestine. In ‘My Corps Cavalry’, Doug Hunter provides readers with a new image of the Light Horseman, by focussing on the exploits of the 13th Light Horse Regiment in France.

Raised in Victoria, the 13th Light Horse Regiment served at Gallipoli, and in 1916 went on to France. Their fine work in France during the 1918 offensive prompted General Monash to describe the unit as ‘My Corps Cavalry’ .

Although the 13th Light Horse Regiment had served for a few months on Gallipoli, the experiences of warfare on the Western Front were in total contrast to the spectacular charges by the Australian Light Horse at Romani and Beersheba. The war in France was primarily an artillery war, with traditional characteristics such as courage, being swamped by the power of modern technology. Nonetheless, the 13rh Light Horse Regiment adapted itself to these fearful conditions and played an important role in the victories of late 1918.

‘My Corps Cavalry’ provides a new and dramatic insight into the previously ignored role of the 13th Australian Light Horse Regiment during the 1916 – 1918 campaigns in France.

Includes Nominal Roll