Title: Military Operations – Egypt & Palestine Volume 2 – Official History of the Great War – Other Theatres – Part II

Author: Lieutenant-General MacMunn, Sir George and Captain Falls, Cyril

Condition: Mint

Edition: 2nd Edition

Publication Date: 2011

ISBN: 9781845749507

Cover: Soft Cover without Dust Jacket – 353 pages plus 22 maps

Comments: The concluding third part of the history of the Middle East campaign, from May 1918 to the Armistice.

Contains chronological table of operations including the battle of Megiddo, the Arab revolt against the Turks and the capture of Damascus.

Appendices with British and enemy orders of battle, corps operation orders and instructions applicable to Parts I and II. Index for Parts I and II.Part II of the Official History of The Great War in the Middle East takes the story from May 1918 to the armistice. It begins with a summary of the Arab revolt against the Turks, which involved the exploits of Col. T.E. Lawrence ‘of Arabia’, and consisted of harassing attacks and sabotage of railways which drew off great numbers of the Turks to the benefit of the EEF. This was important because Allenby was being required to despatch British infantry battalions and Yeomanry regiments to France where the great German spring offensives had been launched in March. Indian battalions were set to replace the British ones, and the ensuing reorganisation of the EEF is described in some detail.

The narrative continues with the final offensives – the battles of Megiddo, the operations of the Desert Mounted Corps, Chaytor’s Force, the pursuit through Syria and the capture of Damascus. An epilogue discusses the policy of the campaign, the strategy and the tactics. There are numerous appendices which apply to both Parts I and II, beginning with a tabular record of operations from June 1917 and containing orders of battle of the EEF in October 1917 and in September 1918 as well as that of the Turkish forces. There are examples of Force Orders, of corps operation orders and instructions, and finally there is a good index to both parts.