Title: Little by Little – A Centenary History of the Royal Australian Army Medical Corps

Author: Tyquin, Michael

Condition: Near Mint +

Edition: 1st Edition

Publication Date: 2003

ISBN: 1876439157

Cover: Hard Cover with Dust Jacket – 684 pages

Comments: The comprehensive history of the Royal Australian Army Medical Corps. Now a scarce title that is long out of print.

This history covers the development of Australia’s army medical services from the Boer War through to Timor as well as various peace-keeping deployments. The Australian Army Medical Corps came into existence after federation, as part of the new Australian Army, and served in every conflict from World War One until today.

As well as operational roles, medical personnel also joined their fellow soldiers in captivity and were often the only medical service available to ailing POWs. The constant changes in the Corps structure and its deployments are covered in this comprehensive history of the Royal Australian Army Medical Corps.

Chapter 1. Pre-Federation
Chapter 2. Fighting the Boer 1899-1902
Chapter 3. Calm Before the Storm 1902-1914
Chapter 4. Trial by Fire
Chapter 5. Egypt, the Sinai and Palestine
Chapter 6. The Corps at Home and in England
Chapter 7. The Western Front
Chapter 8. Despair and Consternation: The Interwar Period
Chapter 9. The Second World War: Mobilisation, the Middle East and Greece
Chapter 10. The Corps at Home, in Captivity, and in New Guinea
Chapter 11. Retrenchment, Realignment and Rejuvenation
Chapter 12. RAAMC – Colour and Ceremonial
Chapter 13. Vietnam – Crises and Change
Chapter 14. Diversions, Deployments and Difficulties for the Corps
Appendix 1. Medical Personnel Who Accompanied the Sudan Contingent
Appendix 2. Movements and Appointment – Colonial Medical Officers 1899-1901
Appendix 3. Medical Personnel Who Accompanied Australian Contingents to South Africa
Appendix 4. AAMC Reserve Officer Establishment All States (Except SA) 1908
Appendix 5. AAMC Establishment by Military District August 1914
Appendix 6. The AAMC Component of the New Guinea Expeditionary Force 1914
Appendix 7. The Cost of A Casualty (Diary Entry Private G.L. Davidson, 11 June 1918)
Appendix 8. AAMC – Members’ Deaths in the First World War by Location and Cause
Appendix 9. AAMC Officers, NCOs and Men Who Died in the First World War
Appendix 10. Australian Army Medical Corps Establishment – the First World War
Appendix 11. Numbers of AAMC Units and Personnel Serving Overseas 1914-1919
Appendix 12. AAMC Officers as POWs in Changi
Appendix 13. Australian Army Medical Corps Establishment – the Second World War
Appendix 14. Australian Army Medical Officers BCOF, December 1946
Appendix 15. Officers of the RAAMC Who Served in Malaya-Borneo 1955-67
Appendix 16. Officers of the RAAMC Who Served in Vietnam
Appendix 17. RAAMC Personnel Allocated in Australia and Abroad, September 1973
Bibliography and Sources
Lit of Photographs, Tables, Maps, Figures, Illustrations and Diagrams