Title: Krait – The Fishing Boat That Went To War

Author: Silver, Lynette

Condition: Near Mint

Edition: 1st Edition

Publication Date: 1992

ISBN: 186351063X

Cover: Soft Cover without Dust Jacket – 181 pages.

Comments: The MV Krait is a wooden hulled vessel famous for its use during World War II by the Z Special Unit (Z Force) of Australia  during the raid against Japanese ships anchored in Singapore  Harbour. The raid was known as Operation Jaywick.

Krait was originally a Japanese fishing vessel based in Singapore called Kofuku Maru. Following the outbreak of war the ship was taken over by Allied forces and used to evacuate over 1,100 people from ships sunk along the East Coast of Sumatra. The ship eventually reached Australia via Ceylon and India in 1942 and was handed over to the Australian Military. In Australian service she was renamed Krait after the small but deadly snake.

In September 1943 Krait transported members of Z Special Unit to Singapore where they successfully raided the city’s harbour, sinking seven ships. She returned to Australia in October. Krait was used by the Australian military throughout the war and was present at the surrender of the Japanese forces on Ambon in September 1945.

Krait was sold following the war and was operated off Borneo until she was purchased for use as an Australian Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol vessel in 1964. She was acquired by the Australian War Memorial in 1985 and is currently on loan to the Australian National Maritime Museum where she has been displayed to the public since 1988.

Includes the Krait crew lists.