Title: Jungle Green

Author: Campbell, Arthur MC

Condition: Very Good

Edition: 6th Edition

Publication Date: 1953


Cover: Hard Cover with Dust Jacket – 214 pages

Comments: Blood red mingles with jungle green in the story of Arthur Campbell and his British soldiers as they fight Communist guerillas in Malaya. The author as officer writes with concern for his men as individuals and as parts of a necessarily effective unit.

He tells of the training for jungle warfare, the cooperation with the civil police in tracking the bandits led by Liew Kim Bok, the terrorism of the marauders. There is a show of the dread of the jungle, then bloody close-ups of fighting where men fade from view in the undergrowth. We come to know the background of the terrible Liew Kim Bok — the horror that turned him to political skirmishing; we gain affection for the Sakai Krabon and miss the man who dies in the last battle, Churchman. With little concern for the overall political picture, this is a soldier’s viewpoint of a particular action in the Malayan unrest.