Title: Jacka VC – Australian Hero

Author: Macklin, Robert

Condition: Near Mint

Edition: 1st Edition

Publication Date: 2006

ISBN: 9781741148305

Cover: Soft Cover without Dust Jacket – 298 pages

Comments: The remarkable life story of Albert Jacka – a true Australian war hero – the first Australian to be awarded a VC at Gallipoli who later became prominent in local government in Victoria.

‘Everyone who knows the facts knows that Jacka won the Victoria Cross three times.’ – C E W Bean, official Australian war historian

Albert Jacka was the people’s hero of the Great War. In 1919 he returned to a triumphant welcome as thousands lined the streets to cheer the first Australian to be awarded the Victoria Cross, at Gallipoli.

In Belgium and France he had won the Military Cross twice and many believed, with Charles Bean, that they should have been VC’s. He was beloved by his troops but resented by his superiors.

In peace time he ran a successful business but then returned to battle for his mates and their families as the Great Depression threatened everything they had fought for. It was the hardest fight of all.

The man himself has been an enigma, until now. With forensic skill Robert Macklin reveals an extraordinary character – a very Australian hero.