Title: HMAS Parramatta : The Price of Admiralty

Author: Paul McGuire – Lieutenant RANVR

Condition: Very Good

Edition: 1st Edition

Publication Date: 1944

Cover: Hard Cover with Dust Jacket – 328 pages

Comments: The history of HMAS Parramatta during World War 2.

HMAS Parramatta (U44) was a Grimsby class sloop of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). Built during the late 1930s, Parramatta operated in the Red Sea and Mediterranean during World War II. The sloop was torpedoed by U-559 on 27 November 1941, and sank with 138 of the 162 aboard.

Shortly after commissioning, Parramatta commenced duty as a convoy escort.

Parramatta was assigned to the Red Sea Force in July 1940, and arrived in Aden at the month’s end. The sloop was later transferred to the Mediterranean Fleet.

While in the Mediterranean, Parramatta was one of several warships used to supply and support the Allied forces besieged at Tobruk, nicknamed the Tobruk Ferry Service. While operating off Tobruk on 24 June 1941, Parramatta, the British sloop HMS Auckland, and the petrol carrier Pass of Balmaha were attacked by over 70 dive bombers. The Australian warship shot down three aircraft during the engagement without receiving major damage, but Auckland was sunk. Parramatta later helped recover the 164 survivors.

On 27 November 1941, Parramatta was escorting transports resupplying the Allied garrison at Tobruk, when she was hit by a single torpedo from U-559. The damage was so significant that the sloop’s captain only had time to order ‘abandon ship’ before Parramatta rolled to starboard and sank. Only 24 aboard survived, with 138 killed.

The sloop’s wartime service was later recognised by the battle honour “Libya 1941”.

Dust jacket tatty but mostly complete.