Title: Forgotten Battlefronts of the First World War

Author: Marix Evans, Martin

Condition: Mint

Edition: 1st Edition

Publication Date: 2003

ISBN: 9780750930048

Cover: Soft Cover without Dust Jacket – 258 pages

Comments: The struggle between Germany and the Allies along the Western Front is for many the most familiar element of World War I. However, many less well-known theatres of conflict, key to the overall progress and conduct of the war, hold as much relevance to both the traveller and the armchair enthusiast. In this work, the author sheds light on the fighting methods of the protagonists in less familiar settings, whether in the Italian Alps or in the cloying heat of the Greek coast. In the first weeks of fighting, stubborn Belgian resistance resulted in a desperate battle to stabilize the front and compelled the German advance to be diverted against the British at Ypres.

French determination to win back Alsace-Lorraine plunged the Vosges region into fluid conflict for over a year from August 1914 before both sides realized the impossibility of a decisive success in this area. The three-year struggle between Italy and Austria across the alpine passes was to draw German, British and French forces into the region. Anglo-French assistance to the Serbs through Salonika produced a standoff between the Allies and the Central Powers which was only to be resolved in the last months of the war.

About the Author
Martin Marix Evans graduated in law from the University of Cambridge moving from a career in publishing to found his own book packaging company. He lives in Northamptonshire. Martin has written more than twenty books on aspects of military history, including Ypres in War and Peace and the Fall of France: Act With Daring.