Title: Flagships Three

Author: Bean, C E W

Condition: Very Good +

Edition: 3rd Edition

Publication Date: 1916


Cover: Hard Cover without Dust Jacket – 262 pages

Comments: In 1908 the writer published a smaller book dealing with an earlier stage of that same long progress of events, which is the subject of this one. That book was published at a time when a British naval force was the only defence of Australia and the British dominions in the Pacific. And the words quoted above were the opening words of the last chapter in the book – the dream to which it all led up.

They may well stand as the first words of the first chapter in this one. For the dream they describe is coming true, word by word line by line, in such fashion as neither he who dreamed it nor anyone else could ever have hoped to behold. Within five years it has fallen to the writer to recast and extend the same story in order to add to it an already accomplished sequel.

For this book recounts the birth of the latest of a very famous and ancient and heroic line of Navies – the coming of a first-born to the British Navy. Or if the United States Navy should be counted as the Royal Navy’s first child, then it deals with the coming of the second child. It is with those two elders, and, of course, especially with the great mother navy, of which it really forms an outlying member, that the Royal Australian Navy will always be compared. The writer has used such opportunities as have come his way to obtain some insight into the three of them.