Title: Conscripts – Lost Legions of the Great War

Author: Bet-El, Ilanna

Condition: Mint 

Edition: 1st Edition 

Publication Date: 1999

ISBN: 0750921080

Cover: Hard Cover without Dust Jacket – 239 pages

Comments: The classic image of World War I is of dashing young volunteers out to defend King and country – but 2.5 million men were conscripts. The war started out well; it was to be the war to end all wars, and over by Christmas 1914. Men rushed to join up, to become part of the drama, and before long there was much battle, blood, death and heroism. Then trench warfare set in. Casualties mounted, and the stream of volunteers began to dwindle. But the army still needed more men. In January 1916 Britain broke with centuries of tradition, and conscription was introduced for the first time. But the memory of the conscripts has not lived on – they are the lost legions of the Great War.