Title: Carving Up the Melon – Australians in the Boxer Rebellion China 1900-1901

Author: Smith, Neil

Condition: Near Mint +

Edition: 1st Edition

Publication Date: 2000

ISBN: 1876179252

Cover: Soft Cover with Dust Jacket – 76 pages

Comments: The history of the Australian involvement in the Boxer Rebellion. 

All the Australian colonies were deeply involved in the bloody fighting in South Africa when another call to arms came from China, via Britain, for help in containing and defeating a dangerous threat to all foreigners in China by the fanatical Chinese secret society known as the “Boxers”.

The colonies of New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia responded at once by offering some 460 members of the Victorian and NSW naval brigades and the gunboat Protector, flagship of the South Australian naval forces, and its crew of 96.

When in June 1900 the call for military help came, the Australian naval brigade units were being prepared for the South African war and their diversion to China resulted in the first Australian involvement in a war on the mainland of Asia.

The Australian soldiers were to join an international force composed of sailors, marines and soldiers from Britain, France, Italy, Russia, America and Japan tasked protect the lives of Christian missionaries and other foreign nationals and to defend their economic interests.

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