Title: Battle of Long Tan – As told by the Commanders

Author: Grandin, Robert

Condition: Very Good Plus – Previously owned by Brigadier Ian Bryant AM and signed by him on the half title page.

Edition: 1st Edition

Publication Date: 2004

ISBN: 1741141990

Cover: Soft Cover without Dust Jacket – 332 pages

Comments: An account of the most famous Australian battle of the Vietnam war by the six Australian commanders and one New Zealander commander of the units which made up the Australian fighting force.

This is the first time that those in direct command of Delta Company have shared their memories of the most significant battle fought by Australians in Vietnam, the Battle of Long Tan.

Each of the commanders shares the experiences that brought them to Vietnam, and describes how the company commander, Harry Smith, drove Delta Company to become one of the most outstanding units in the Australian forces. Delta’s superb military discipline, and its commanders’ ability to think outside the square were decisive in holding a vastly superior number of enemies at bay.

Each platoon played a crucial role in Delta Company’s survival. The artillery’s commitment in providing an unbroken wall of metal through which the enemy had to advance is told from the perspectives of both the forward controller and the gun positions. We fly with the RAAF helicopter pilots whose ammunition resupply was the turning point of the battle, and experience the carnage of the battlefield through the eyes of those in the relieving APCs.

Delta Company’s trauma on returning to the battlefield to claim their fallen was lightened only by the miraculous survival of two of their wounded. The trauma of the battle did not end with the action, however, as politics began to play their part in the drama. The valour of those directly involved in the battle has never been duly recognised – in some cases it has been belittled, in others denied. The ongoing efforts of the Long Tan commanders to right the many wrongs perpetrated in the wake of the battle, and their own journeys from the events of August 1966 draw the reader into a compelling dialogue on the aftermath of Vietnam.

About Robert Grandin

Robert Grandin was a helicopter pilot and in this book describes the key role the helicopters played in supplying the men directly involved in the Battle of Long Tan. The other contributors to this book – Harry Smith, Geoff Kendall, Bob Buick, Dave Sabben, Morrie Stanley, and Adrian Roberts – are commanders actively involved in the battle who tell their account of it to Robert Grandin.