Title: Australian Awards of the Kings South Africa Medal

Author: Clark, Rex

Condition: Very Good 

Edition: 1st Edition

Publication Date: 1972


Cover: Soft Cover without Dust Jacket – 29 pages

Comments: This is a comprehensive listing of the awards of Kings South Africa Medal to Australian’s who served during the Boer War. A must have resource for anyone interested in the Boer War or in collecting medals.

The King’s South Africa Medal (KSA) was awarded to all troops who served in the Boer War in South Africa on or after 1 January 1902, and completed 18 months service before 1 June 1902. The medal was not issued alone but always with the Queen’s South Africa Medal or QSA.

The KSA was awarded only to those troops who fought in 1902, and who had served for 18 months. Service did not have to be continuous, but even with continuous service the recipient would have had to serve from December 1900 to have 18 months service before the war ended in May 1902 (and commencing before the death of Queen Victoria on 22 January 1901). Hence the majority of participants qualified for the QSA only.

Now a scarce publication.