Title: Animal Heroes – Thrilling true stories of animals who have worked and played alongside Australia’s fighting forces

Author: Hill, Anthony

Condition: Very Good

Edition: 1st Edition

Publication Date: 2005

ISBN: 0143003801

Cover: Soft Cover with Dust Jacket – 232 pages

Comments: This stimulus for this book came when Anthony Hill first heard the true story of Horrie the Wog Dog. As he explains in his background notes, he then became aware of a wealth of material stored at the Australian War Memorial – stuffed dogs, carrier pidgeons, and a horse’s head just for example – that led him to consider some of Australia’s forgotten animal heroes.

Accounts of animals in war do exist. They have been used throughout history, but this is an attempt to capture the stories of animals in connection with the Australian armed forces, not only in war but in peacetime as well.

Here are twenty-one fascinating stories about the forgotten heroes of war: animals who have served beside Australian forces. These are all animals that dazzle with their courage and loyalty – or sometimes just by being lovable. Whether it’s a rooster guarding his battalion during the First World War or a mine-detecting dolphin in present-day Iraq, they make the difficult lives of soldiers so much more bearable.