Title: A Collector’s Guide to the Kriegsmarine

Author: Ailsby, Christopher

Condition: Near Mint +

Edition: 1st Edition

Publication Date: 2007

ISBN: 0711030995

Cover: Soft Cover without Dust Jacket – 286 pages

Comments: Arguably of all the branches of the German armed forces in World War Two, only the Kriegsmarine had the ability to bring Britain to defeat once the immediate threat of invasion after Dunkirk had receded.

With the threat posed by its U-Boats and great capital ships, such as the Bismarck and Tirpitz, the Kriegsmarine, through its attacks on the convoys bringing vital supplies across the Atlantic, came close to starving Britain into submission. This addition to a popular series will provide the collector with detailed and objective advice on Kriegsmarine memorabilia with the usual guide to values and how to spot forgeries. For all active collectors of Third Reich militaria and those interested in the Kriegsmarine during the period from 1939 to 1945, this will be essential reading.