Title: 3 Aust Div Signals – Getting Through

Author: Members of the 3/66 Club Unit Association

Condition: Very Good

Edition: 1st Edition

Publication Date: 1987


Cover: Soft Cover without Dust Jacket – 199 pages

Comments: The history of the 3rd Division Signals during World War 2.

During World War II, the division was mobilised for war in December 1941 and initially undertook defensive duties in Australia before being deployed to New Guinea in 1943 where they took part in the Salamaua–Lae campaign against the Japanese in 1943–1944, before returning to Australia for rest and reorganisation. In late 1944 they were sent to Bougainville to take part in their final campaign of the war. There they undertook a series of advances across the island before the war came to an end in August 1945.

Following the end of hostilities the division was disbanded in December 1945 as part of the demobilisation process, but was it later re-raised in 1948 as part of the Citizens Military Force. It subsequently served through the Cold War as a reserve formation until 1991 when the division was disbanded for a final time as the Australian Army was restructured and the focus of Australian field force operations shifted from the divisional-level to brigades.

Includes nominal roll, decorations and awards.