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Cold Cast Bronze Military Figurines & Model Kits – Commemorating the Australian Soldier.

NAKED ARMY 1:6 scale (12 inch) Military cold cast bronze figurines & resin (Polyresin) model kits are as individual as the Australian soldiers they portray.

These cold cast bronze Soldier Figurines cover a wide range of military theatres and time periods including the First and Second World Wars, with impressions from the Gallipoli, France, Middle East, and New Guinea battlefields. These modern figurines include soldiers on operations in Vietnam, Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan. 

These limited edition finely sculpted collector figurines are finished one at a time so you are assured of receiving a unique replica of the soldier of your choice.

NAKED ARMY also produces polyresin & mixed media model kits with the amount of detail captured in our cold cast bronze military figurine range. Natural poses, and accurate detail on weapons, clothing and personal kit gives intermediate and experienced figure painters good scope to work with. The model kits are recommended for ages 12+.

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