Volume VI – The Australian Imperial Force in France 1918 - Part 2


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Title: Volume VI – The Australian Imperial Force in France during the Main German Offensive, 1918

Author: Bean, C E W

Condition: Near Mint

Edition: University of Queensland Press Edition

Publication Date: 1983

ISBN: 0702217433

Cover: Hard Cover with Dust Jacket - 1160 pages

Comments: Volume VI – The Australian Imperial Force in France during the Allied Offensive, 1918. 

This volume covers the last six months of the war, beginning with the weeks of “peaceful penetration” (when the AIF almost alone was constantly on the offensive), then the model battle of Hamel on 4 July, and finally the great offensive beginning on 8 August in which the AIF was the main spearhead in a series of smashing victories.

In this volume, Bean sums up his views on the Australian soldier and attempts to answer the great question, “If he was such a great soldier, why?”.  He also contributed a major biographical study of the corps commander, Lieutenant-General Sir John Monash, and unforgettable sketches both of other generals and heroes of every rank.

Minor foxing on the page block.

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