Tibby Cotter - Fast Bowler, Larrikin, Anzac


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Title: Tibby Cotter - Fast Bowler, Larrikin, Anzac

Author: Bonnell, Max and Sproul, Andrew

Condition: Mint

Edition:2nd Edition

Publication Date: 2012

ISBN: 9781876718121

Cover:Hard Cover without Dust Jacket (Laminated Boards)-142 pages

Comments: Tibby Cotter was a pioneer fast bowler being the first to bowl bouncers frequently in an intimidatory fashion and to employ a packed slips field. He was an unlikely innovator in that he was a carefree cricketer who disliked practice. He was a dashing tail-order batsman with entertained crowds with his slogging.

Cotter was an uncomplicated man, an undisciplined larrikin, who had his share of brushes with officialdom and the law.

He served at Gallipoli and Beersheba as a stretcher-bearer and was the only Australian Test cricketer killed in the First World War. Although he was a simple man, there were many contradictions about Cotter including the mystery of his death.

On 31 October 1917 the 4th Light Horse Brigade, of which the 12th Regiment was part, captured Beersheba by a brilliant cavalry-style charge. Cotter was there as a stretcher-bearer. At the end of the charge, as troops dismounted to engage the enemy, a Turk shot Cotter dead at close range.

Book chapters
1 Introduction 2 Beginnings 3 Glebe cricketer 4 First-class and Test cricketer 5 1905 tour 6 Technique of a Fast bowler 7 Batsman 8 Rugby player 9 Cricket politics 10 1909 tour 11 The cricketer off the field 12 South Africans in Australia 13 Enlistment 14 Mysterious death at Beersheba 15 After the war


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