The Kiwi Scorpions - The Story of the New Zealanders in the Long Range Desert Group

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Title: The Kiwi Scorpions : The Story of the New Zealanders in the Long Range Desert Group

Author: O'Carroll, Brendan

Condition: Near Mint

Edition: 1st Edition

Publication Date: 2000

ISBN: 1870192419

Cover: Hard Cover with Dust Jacket - 226 pages. Now long out of print and a scarce title.

Comments: THE KIWI SCORPIONS tells the story of a small but elite band of men brought together by the tumult of a world at war to pit their strength and endurance against a common enemy—an enemy that was not always of the human kind. This band of men became the Long Range Desert Group. This book focuses on the New Zealanders who served with the LRDG and were known as the "Kiwi Scorpions". The desert is an unforgiving place to those who are slow to adapt but these men became like their namesakes and used its inhospitable terrain to gain advantage over their foe. This is their story as retold through their diaries and from the personal recollections of a small number of surviving veterans.

This book is not just an historical account of the many brave actions, but is also an invaluable reference source setting out the many aspects of the group from its formation in 1940, its weapons, transport, equipment, dress and insignia, to the setting up of its old comrades associations and its reunions.

The book is lavishly illustrated throughout with over 200 original photographs, many of which were taken under conditions of extreme hardship and danger. Most have never been previously seen, as they are the personal property of the veterans or their next-of-kin. Also included is a complete roll of all the New Zealanders who served with the unit until its disbandment in August 1945.

Brendan O’Carroll is married with three children and works for the New Zealand Customs Service. For the last thirty years he has pursued an interest in New Zealand’s military history as both a militaria collector and researcher. This has led to the publication of a number of articles relating to the dress, equipment and insignia of the New Zealand soldiers in World War I and II.

It was while undertaking such research that he discovered the fascinating story about the exploits of the New Zealanders who served with the Long Range Desert Group in World War II. Realising that this was virtually untold national treasure of military history, and that there were only 60 veterans left, he feared that their personal stories would soon be lost. Consequently four years were spent gathering information for what was originally to be a magazine article. It is now a book.

Includes roll of honour, nominal roll, honours and awards.

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