Red Phoenix - Pictorial History of 4 RAR - Commando Conversion


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Title: Red Phoenix - Pictorial History of 4 RAR and its conversion to the Commando role.

Author: Allen, Clyde and Caldwell, Brett

Condition: Near Mint

Edition: 1st Edition

Publication Date: 1997

ISBN: 064634322X

Cover: Hard Cover with Dust Jacket - 198 pages

Comments: The detailed account of 4th Battalion (The Royal Australian Regiment) when they converted to a Commando role. Now a scarce book.

The 4th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, (4RAR) was an Australian Army infantry battalion and part of the Royal Australian Regiment. The battalion was formed on 1 February 1964 and was renamed the 2nd Commando Regiment on 19 June 2009.

In 1996, a decision was made to unlink 2/4RAR and then convert 4RAR to a Special Forces unit. On 1 February 1997 was renamed to 4 RAR (Commando). Regular serving members were given the opportunity to undertake special forces training provided mainly by 1st Commando Regiment or elect a posting to a conventional forces unit. General Reserve positions existed in the new structure and reserve members discharged or posted to GRes units. The initial years were busy creating a structure and recruiting members suitable for commando training. Bravo Company was raised first followed by Charlie Company in 1999, both taking 24 months to reach full maturity. The pace of battalion life during these development years was hectic with capability development, equipment acquisition and training, focussing every member's attention. The unit developed in highly regarded within the special operations force, and conducted operations in East Timor and Iraq, and later lost members in Afghanistan. It has also been awarded citations for bravery and the meritorious unit citation.

On 19 June 2009 the battalion was renamed the 2nd Commando Regiment. Regardless, the name 4 RAR remains on the Army's order of battle and its history, colours and traditions have been preserved, ready to be re-raised as a regular infantry battalion in the future if required. All awards and battle honours received during the time as 4RAR (Cdo) were passed onto the 2nd Commando Regiment, those awarded before the transformation to a commando battalion were kept by 4RAR.

Small tear and crease to Dust Jacket at rear. Small scratch mark to the Dust Jacket at front.

Includes Nominal Roll

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