Rallying The Troops - A World War I Commemoration - Volume 3


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Title: Rallying the Troops - A World War 1 Commemoration - Volume 3

Author: Ku-Ring-Gai District Historical Society

Condition: Mint

Edition: 1st Edition

Publication Date: 2017

ISBN: 9780959867312

Cover: Soft Cover with Dust Jacket - 652 pages

Comments: Close to 1800 men and women with links to Ku-ring-gai served in World War I.  They came from all walks of life, from labourers to university lecturers.  Their origins were diverse, not only from the immediate locality but also from other parts of New South Wales, from other states and from other countries.

Their achievements were many: over 160 were decorated for their bravery. A similar number were recommended for decorations. Their losses were great: just under 300 lost their lives and the health of many survivors was compromised. What all did for their nation is monumental.

Initially 1300 names were known from the many memorials throughout Ku-ring-gai but subsequent research and publicity have revealed nearly 500 additional veterans.

All volumes in this series have been researched and written by members and associates of Ku-ring-gai Historical Society.

Volume III (653 pages) has a foreword by Major General The Honourable Justice Paul Brereton AM RFD, Justice of the Supreme Court of NSW and distinguished Army Reservist. In addition to biographical entries for names beginning L to R, this volume contains chapters on the 1917 battles of Messines and Third Ypres (which includes Menin Road, Polygon Wood, Broodseinde and the disastrous Passchendaele), and on Edgeworth David and the tunnelling companies. Supportive chapters include casualty clearance from the battlefield, medical issues, doctors and nurses, chaplains, the Red Cross and other volunteer organisations both overseas and in Australia.

The volumes contain appendices including the Australian military structure in World War I, an illustrated glossary of terms, honours and awards, lists of those who lost their lives and where they are buried or commemorated, and the decorated. The names of all WWI Ku-ring-gai volunteers are listed separately.

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