New Zealand Cyclist Corps in the Great War 1914 - 1918 (2nd Edition)


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Title: New Zealand Cyclist Corps in the Great War 1914 - 1918

Author: Officers of the Regiment

Condition: Mint

Edition: 2nd Edition

Publication Date: 2004

ISBN: 9781843427957

Cover: Soft Cover without Dust Jacket - 139 pages

Comments: This small Corps of 800 saw service in many of the fiercest battles of the Great War - including Messines, Passchendaele and Mt. Kemmel.

A complete history. An interesting and complete account of this small Corps which never had more than 800 officers and men on its strength. Almost the entire narrative is devoted to their services in Egypt and on the Western Front. Detached from the NZEF, the Corps was assigned to XXII Corps as Mounted Troops. In the event, they saw much hard service at Messines, Gravenstafel, Passchendaele, Kemmel, etc in the infantry roll and as cable layers. The appendices are particularly helpful to genealogists, historians and to medal collectors.

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