Masters of Air Power (2nd Edition)


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Title:Masters of Air Power

Author: Brent, Keith

Condition: Mint

Edition: 2nd Edition

Publication Date: 2010


Cover:†Soft Cover without Dust Jacket -†154 pages

Comments:Even the most famous practitioners in the air power business are not truly well-known these days.†

This is a deficiency that was directly addressed at the 2005 RAAF History Conference, with renewed attention on many notable names from the pastónot simply in terms of their background and career paths, but with particular focus on identifying elements of career preparation and experience, combined with personal qualities and characteristics, that made them important air advocates or successful air commanders.

Described in the papers published are fifteen major figures drawn from over a hundred years of air power history. While some are familiar enough to rate as household names, especially those from the First and Second World Wars, others from more recent conflicts are rarely even heard of outside of Western or English-speaking circles. Presented here are the reasons why these men deserve to be better known to members of the Royal Australian Air Force today.

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