HMAS Stalwart - S E Asian Decommissioning Deployment 1989

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Title: HMAS Stalwart: S E Asian Decommissioning Deployment 1989


Condition: Very Good

Edition: 1st Edition

Publication Date: 1989

Cover: Hard Cover without Dust Jacket - 287 pages

Comments: HMAS Stalwart decommissioning cruise book - now very scarce!

HMAS Stalwart (A 215/D 215) was an Australian-designed and constructed Escort Maintenance ship of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). Commissioned on 9 February 1968 and decommissioned on 9 March 1990, Stalwart served as a destroyer tender, the RAN flagship, and a training vessel during her career. She was sold into civilian service in 1993 for use as a short-range cruise ship, under the names MV Her Majesty M, then MV Tara II, before she was broken up for scrap in 2003.

Stalwart was decommissioned on 9 March 1990 at Fleet Base East.[7] The ship was sold to the Cyprus-based Royal Sea Ferries on 3 March 1990 for conversion into a Mediterranean cruise ship. The vessel was named MV Her Majesty M. She was later renamed MV Tara II.

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