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Cate Clark, the author of “To Fight and Do Our Best – The 1st Australian Armoured Division in Gunnedah 1942-1943” is seeking your assistance and is after information  about the 1st Australian Armoured Division from 1942 to 1945.

General Stuart tank and crew near Narrabri 1942General Stuart tank and crew near Narrabri 1942

Having recently published To Fight and Do Our Best – a book devoted to dealing with the Armoured Division during its stay in the region of Gunnedah NSW in 1942/43 – Cate is now looking to expand on the Division’s story.

In 1942 units of this elite Division took part in the most extensive land exercises (manoeuvres) that Australia had ever witnessed. In November of that same year the 20,000 men of the Division were then reorganised with half of the soldiers going to Western Australia to guard Australia’s ‘back door’ and the remaining sent onto Queensland and to a new Division – the 3rd Australian Armoured Division. Cate intends to follow the soldiers and to recount their story.

Some 1st Australian Armoured Division memorabilia

Some 1st Australian Armoured Division memorabilia

Cate is seeking any veterans that have not already been contacted by her and also any residents of the many towns that the Units passed through, or called ‘home’, who would be interested in contributing their recollections or photographs of that time.

Cate can be contacted on 0408 425564 or via email at

Alternatively, information can be sent to Regimental Books.

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