Australian Aircraft Carriers 1929 - 1982

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Title: Australian Aircraft Carriers 1929 - 1982

Author: Fazio, Vince

Condition: Mint

Edition: 1st Edition

Publication Date: 2012

ISBN: 9780980381085

Cover: Soft Cover without Dust Jacket - 426 pages

Comments: "From 1929 until1982, the RAN operated aircraft from ships in one form or another. This book is an account of those ships, the aircraft and those who flew and maintained them. From 1948, with the acquisition of SYDNEY 3, VENGEANCE and MELBOURNE, the RAN was in control of its aviation operability, with a variety of aircraft and the capability to match it with the best of them. 

Written by Vince Fazio, this revised edition is enhanced with additional information and first hand experience from his service in Carriers and Air Stations over a number of years. 

Recommended for all who had served in any capacity within the Fleet Air Arm and for those who are still serving during this remarkable period in the history of the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Australian Navy".

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