Australia in the War of 1939–1945 Complete Set - 22 Volumes

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Title: Australia in the War of 1939–1945 Complete Set -22 Volumes

Author: Various

Condition: Good +

Edition: 1st Edition

Publication Date: Various

Cover: Hard Cover - some with Dust Jackets, some without.

Comments: The official history of Australia’s involvement in the Second World War represents one of the longest and largest historical endeavours that Australia has ever seen. The enterprise began in January 1943 with the appointment of Gavin Long as General Editor.

The 22 volumes, written by 14 authors, were published by the Memorial over a 25-year period between 1952 and 1977.

All the volumes in this set are scarce 1st editions.

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They include:

Australia in the War of 1939–1945. Series 1 – Army

    * Volume I – To Benghazi 
    * Volume II – Greece, Crete and Syria 
    * Volume III – Tobruk and El Alamein 
    * Volume IV – The Japanese Thrust 
    * Volume V – South–West Pacific Area – First Year: Kokoda to Wau 
    * Volume VI – The New Guinea Offensives 
    * Volume VII – The Final Campaigns

Australia in the War of 1939–1945. Series 2 – Navy

    * Volume I – Royal Australian Navy, 1939–1942 
    * Volume II – Royal Australian Navy, 1942–1945

Australia in the War of 1939–1945. Series 3 – Air

    * Volume I – Royal Australian Air Force, 1939–1942 
    * Volume II – Air War Against Japan, 1943–1945
    * Volume III – Air War Against Germany and Italy, 1939–1943 
    * Volume IV – Air Power Over Europe, 1944–1945

Australia in the War of 1939–1945. Series 4 – Civil

    * Volume I – The Government and the People, 1939–1941 
    * Volume II – The Government and the People, 1942–1945 
    * Volume III – War Economy, 1939–1942 
    * Volume IV – War Economy, 1942–1945 
    * Volume V – The Role of Science and Industry

Australia in the War of 1939–1945. Series 5 – Medical

    * Volume I – Clinical Problems of War 
    * Volume II – Middle East and Far East 
    * Volume III – The Island Campaigns
    * Volume IV – Medical Services of the Royal Australian Navy and Royal Australian Air Force with a section on women in the Army Medical Services

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