A Collector’s Guide to Australian Light Horse Badges – 1920 to 1942 (E-Book)


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Title: A Collector’s Guide to Australian Light Horse Badges – 1920 to 1942

Author: Martin, Michael

Condition: Digital Download

Edition: 1st Edition

Publication Date: 2013


Comments: We are delighted to present a digital version of "A Collector’s Guide to Australian Light Horse Badges – 1920 to 1942".

The collecting of Australian military badges is a popular and fascinating hobby given the large amount badges that were worn by members of the Australian Army for well over 100 years:  from Pre-federation when each Australian colony had its own defence force through to today’s modern Australian Army that has seen active service in recent times in such places as East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan.

This guide is the first in a series of digital guides to assist the badge collector and provide them with information about badges that were worn by Australian units including badge specifications, varieties made and also a brief history of each unit.

The goal of this guide is to provide the collector with the details of each hat badge and collar badge that was worn during this period using colour photos and information compiled from the combined knowledge of many long term badge collectors, reference books and museum records.

The badges worn by the Australian Light Horse during this post World War 1 period is the focus of this guide.
It will include:

• A brief description of each Light Horse badge
• The specifications (Height, Width) and finish each badge
• Colour photos of each badge (where a picture was available to author)
• The lineage and brief history of each Light Horse Regiment
• Where possible, pictures of the colour patches worn by each Light Horse Regiment

This guide is aimed at both the novice and more experienced collector with an aim to educating the reader and empowering them with more information to determine what badge was worn by each Light Horse regiment.

Our e-books represent affordable access to now rare and highly desirable Australian military titles that are not easily found in traditional printed book format. Ideal for people conducting military or family history research, our growing range of ebooks will give you fast and convenient access to information that will assist you in your research or just make for an interesting and compelling read.

Currently available in PDF. Epub and Mobi formats coming soon.

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